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From the British Army to Go Higher and beyond by Shaun Garbett

Wall art from Ancient Egypt

At the age of 49 years old I finally decided I wanted to go to university but had no idea how to without the relevant A levels. I had joined the British Army at 18 years old and enjoyed a 22-year career. It was a family member who said if you are passionate about a subject then study it at university. That was the push I needed to find out if it was possible to go to university with no A levels.

Finding out about the Go Higher diploma was great, I applied and was very happy to be enrolled onto the course. It was really strange adjusting to life in education again, as I had left school in 1988 and had not been in any form of education since then. At first it was challenging but with guidance from the excellent tutors, I soon got to grips with learning the skills I needed to transition to the university way of doing things. I successfully completed the Go Higher diploma in June 2022.

I am now in my second week of my Egyptology degree at the University of Liverpool, never in my dreams did I think I would be able to study a subject I am so passionate about, but thanks to Go Higher I am able to finally be able to live out my dreams.

Being on the Go Higher course has enabled me to be more confident in my abilities and I am very driven to succeed in my degree. I have also made lifelong friends through Go Higher, and we regularly meet up to discuss our chosen degrees.

My advice to anyone thinking about going to university go for it and inquire about Go Higher, because it was the best decision I ever made.


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