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What the class of 2014 did next by Claire Jones

Next week will see this year’s freshers arrive on campus at the University of Liverpool, as at most other university campuses across the UK. Among these will be a considerable number of Go Highers who completed our part-time access programme successfully last summer and who have won for themselves places on a range of undergraduate programmes starting this September.

What degree choices  have Go Highers made this year? It is always fascinating to see what our students do next. The class of 2014 have chosen a typically wide variety of routes: on the Arts side, English, Philosophy and History (including Ancient History) are popular choices, as always. We also have a number of Go Highers progressing on to degree programmes in Archaeology and Egyptology, Communication and Media, Irish Studies, and a range of Joint or Combined Honours programmes in these subjects.

For those with a social science preference, Business, Politics, Sociology and Criminology are the destinations of choice for 2014. We do not have anyone progressing on to a degree programme in Law or Psychology – but these subjects are often chosen by Go Highers and no doubt will make a strong showing again among the class of 2015.

The Go Higher programme introduces students to a range of disciplines, both taught directly on Go Higher modules and through guest lectures given by academics from many departments across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Liverpool. Our students often do not know what degree they want to progress on when they first begin Go Higher but rather make up their mind once they have settled into their studies.

Not all our students are staying in Liverpool: a few have gone on to other universities to take degrees in History of Art, International Politics and Criminal Justice. We will miss not seeing them on Liverpool University campus but will be wishing them well from afar!

1 thought on “What the class of 2014 did next by Claire Jones

  1. Hello just want to welcome all the new Go Highers 2014-15.

    I completed the course last year and have to say graduating was the best feeling i have had in a long time. I started a History degree this year with UOL and i am thoroughly enjoying it, there is lots a reading a studying to do, but i love the challenge. I feel Go Higher helped me tremendously to gain the confidence to become an Undergraduate. I just want to wish you all every success and enjoy the time on the course it goes way too fast. I miss it so much the lecturers, the subjects and the comradery of the 2013-14 group. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to you all.

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