A SHORT 10-hour course for people LONG out of formal education

Thinking about degree-level study but want to dip your toes in first and find out what it is all about? If so, a new 10-hour course running at the University of Liverpool promises to give you the answers.

‘Aspire to Learn: Skills Builder 1’, runs on 5 Wednesdays, 11am -1pm, June 14-July 12. Enrol online or by phone for just a £5 registration fee.

If you have been a long time out of formal education and are unsure about what going to University would be like, taking the first steps to finding out more can be daunting. Every year, we at Go Higher receive enquiries from people of all ages who are quite anxious as to whether higher education is for them (some enquirers need to find their courage even to make that first call to the University for advice). For anyone who wants to know more and discover what skills and aptitudes are needed for degree-level study (in non-science subjects), we are offering this short course to provide a taster of higher education in arts, humanities and social science disciplines.

For just a couple of hours a week, our tutor Julie McColl will take you through what you need to know and give you an insight about what it is like to be a mature student at university.  Julie began her academic career as a mature student with Go higher, the University’s part-time access/foundation diploma; you can read a blog she wrote for us a while ago HERE.

This taster course will introduce you to the university Library and how to access its massive online and physical resources; the different type of learning activities you’ll meet in higher education, and many other things including understanding feedback and the best way to take notes in a lecture. You will also have some lectures and seminars on different topics to give you the authentic student experience. Importantly, you will also be able to meet people with different backgrounds but similar study aspirations.

This nearly-free short course (just a £5 registration fee secures your place) will help anyone undecided about higher education to reflect on the options available to them. Mature students are a small but growing group at the University of Liverpool; they come from all walks of life and are typically very successful students with a real passion for their learning.

It is never too late and higher education is for everyone.

The course is organised by the University of Liverpool’s Continuing Education and Go Higher Access/Foundation programme and will be held on our lovely campus. To enrol online visit Continuing Education by CLICKING HERE or phone 0151 794 6900 (answer phone outside of normal office hours).

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    1. Full fees for the Diploma course is c £950 (payable in 3 instalments), half fees for over 60s, £50 if you are in receipt of means-tested benefits.

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